Grill Gauge Features & Benefits

Features  Benefits 
E-Z ‘auto-check’ indicator Hook Grill Gauge to tank, lift slightly, return tank to ground and black arrow automatically sets at propane level
Re-enforced handle Ease and comfort
Used and recommended by propane professionals Product integrity and reliability
Propane levels are “weight-calibrated” Consistent w/propane industry which measures & fills by weight
Hand-held Portable; can take to store and verify propane contents of next tank
Instant read-out Works immediately – on-demand; no “pre-conditions” for operation
Simple to use Hook, lift, and look
Used when tank valve is open or closed  Versatile/flexible
Colored indicator face gauge Works like gas gauge in car – w/dark red indicating tank is near empty
Versatile Can be used even w/tank connected to hose

The Competition

Low End (stick-on tapes “cheap”)

High End (pressure gauges or pressure valves “costly”)

Stick on / or magnetic tape
– Flimsy
– Methodology not used or recommended by propane industry
– Generally unreliable
– Temperature sensitive; doesn’t work without hot water
– Wears out; limited shelf life
– Requires time to work
– Tedious to use
– Impractical

Pressure Valves
– Methodology not used or recommended by propane industry
– Temperature and volume sensitive
– Requires constant connection between tank and hose
– Gas valve must be open at all times to work
– Poor performance and reliability resulting in false readings (aka FALSE POSITIVES)
– Not portable – can’t take to LP exchange dealer to check next tank purchase

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Last Modified: March 1, 2018